This policy covers

         all Stations

         all Departments and Divisions

Procedure under this policy


         Existing organograms will be sent to all Departmental Heads during the first week of every quarter by HR Department. The Departmental Head / Station Head shall update for additions, deletions and job enrichment and revise the organogram in alignment with the Departmental Plans and send the same to by the third week of same month. 


         HR will discuss with the Department Heads / Station Head and arrive at manpower plan / Budget for the Quarter by end of said month


         HR Department would update the existing organogram and get it validated by concerned Department / Station Head. 


          HRD shall finalize the manpower budget arrived at from all the Department / Station Head and discuss with the Station Head for their approval. 


         Manpower Budget and organogram approved by Board of Management should be communicated to Department Heads / Station Heads by HRD


         As and when need arises for additional manpower the Departmental head / Station Head would initiate a Manpower requisition which is sent to HR Department for approval as per format by Manager (HR). Updated Organogram should also be sent for approval.