Recruitment Policy



The aim of recruitment is to attract and acquire potential employees who have the relevant skills, qualifications and experience to make a positive, innovative contribution towards the growth of the organization. 


This policy covers

         all Stations

         all Departments and Divisions



         Manpower requisition shall be sent by all concerned Department / Station along with the Job Description for the vacant position which justifies the requirement. 


         HR Department (coordinator) should check with approved Manpower budget.

         HR Departments initiates candidate sourcing as below: 

  Internal Search: The HR Department will initiate the search from the database available of the existing employees.


  Employee Referrals: All available vacancies as per the employee referral policy will be posted through intranet and company website. Referred candidates can be used as a data pool by the HR Department. 


  Job portals / Company website: These are source for recruitment where vacancies prevailing in the organization are filled through job portals / company website. 


  Consultants: Source the candidates from the consultants contracted with. 


  Educational Institutions: Liaise with Educational Departments for potential talents



         HR Department (Coordinator) is responsible for screening and short listing of candidates. Final short listing of candidates is done in consensus with HR Department and concerned Department  

         HR Department (Coordinator) shall organize personal interview with Department/  Head - HR, and MD as the case may be: 


  All positions in Station Manager and above shall be approved for appointment by the Board of Management. 


  All positions from Asst Manager to Sr. Manager shall be approved and appointed by Country Head/Functional Head.


  Other positions Sr. Executives and below can be approved and appointed by Department Heads / Station Head.


          HR Department will use Curriculum Vitae, web based Questionnaire and candidate evaluation  as assessment tools for selecting the candidates


         Salary negotiation, working agreement and Terms and conditions for the selected candidates is done by the HR department (coordinator). 


         Reference check is done by HR Department (Coordinator). 


         Offer letter  is given to the candidate (Station Manager and above) subject to the condition that the candidate should go through Medical check-up the list of test to be done will be given by HR and cost will be reimbursed upon joining. 


         Appointment letter is released to the selected candidate by Board of Management or Head - HR or Country manager based on the levels. 


         Once the date of joining is confirmed with the candidate, the same is intimated to the concerned Department Head. The Approval Matrix is as listed below;


Station Manager & Above

Cost Approval

Head – HR

Board of Management

Offer Letter

Country Manager

Head - HR

Appointment Letter

Country Manager

Head - HR

Confirmation Letter

Head – HR

Appraisal Letter Signing

Immediate Supervisor / Head – HR

Country Heads / Managing Director

 / Head HR

Increment/Salary Revision

Immediate Supervisor / Head – HR

Managing Director

General Certificates

Country Manager

Head - HR